Who tried to kill Derek?

We just want to have fun.

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She turned around and smiled.

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They're both quiet.

Curtis has been shot in the leg.

I was very proud of that.

The social structure is not much different.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

I have a keen interest in politics.


Kuldip gave Omar the stability that she had never had.


She said good-bye to him and left the house.

We'll make sure we do that.

He's good at making food.


His face was covered with mud.

That is my mom's computer.

She was beside herself with joy at the news.


Are we finished?

We acted sincerely.

I should've known that.

It's blowing hard.

What's it sound like?

This car is less fuel-hungry and more environmentally friendly.

I caught my son stealing from a cookie jar.


I must go and see him.

Vadim stole your money.

We're expecting a good harvest this year.

Surya reached for the hammer.

Sleep is essential to health.

The county administration works slowly.

I'll have to take them with me.

The wind fanned the flames.

Alejandro, the rota is there.

You can't postpone the party.

The only weapons I have in my home are water pistols.


Anne will not accomplish anything.


Madonna is able to sing.

I just wanted to thank you for your support.

Let's see if there's any damage.

Wait for them.

There's no secret plan.

He can neither read nor write.

As our taxi broke down on the way, we had to walk to the station.

We're going to have to turn back.

I really can't comment on that.

Straka refused to let us come in.

Erik wanted to drive the car.

I have got it.

When I'm rich, I'll buy a farm.

The principle of this textbook is based on the communicative method.

We must alter our plan.


Can Nigel do it?


They wanted you to do this.

With horse racing and such, these are called "stakes". For this meaning the plural form is often used.

Did you pass your exams?


The world is blue, and so are you.

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We only have a few minutes before Kanthan gets here.

Emily decided to leave the school.

We want to talk to him.


It's probably better not to eat after 7:00pm.

Untidiness was his bugbear.

Ralph can't remember where he buried the treasure.

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They will send us lumber.

I want to show you something great.

Pieter has recommended you for the job.

Most days he eats a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Let's play Mario Bros.


We filled the pitcher to the brim.

Can I have a moment with you?

He was in the seventh heaven.

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George is apparently a busy man.


Tell me why I should do that.

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Although it looked like rain this morning, it has turned out fine.


No one told us.

Judy would know the answer.

Some people always expect reward from others. Something like a hobby may be self-rewarding.

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She's very shy.

She handed him his jacket.

Sedovic and I are almost the same height.

Did I lock the door?

We're both professionals.

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Could you get me some cough drops?

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It costs an arm and a leg.

Please show me the path to the bus stop.

The drawer is empty.

What animals inhabit those islands?

I want to know why Lewis isn't here.

I have to be in Boston by Monday.

Can you call her?


She is beautiful and how!

My car gets about 30 miles per gallon.

It's really not important.


Happy the one who further desires nomore!

You hired me, didn't you?

Do you want to keep dating Jitendra?


Let me know when you will arrive at the airport.

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Mann wanted Jinny.

He became more obstinate as he grew older.

Spudboy didn't know what Mac meant.

Terrible shooting broke out the night before last.

I'm going to study harder.

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She was acting as if she was in charge.

He is the stingiest person I know.

Sid added his name to the list of people who wanted to attend the dance.


Casper is my mentor.

He doesn't speak English, and even less French.

I can't understand.


The introduction of the potato into Nepal doubled the population in a generation.

Maarten burned his hand on the hot stove.

They wanted me to finish by 2:30.


I call out in a loud voice but there is no reply.

Have you even talked to her?

Sorry, but I've been a little busy.


When you think about it, it's all Kenny's fault for being so obtuse.

When Morgan visited Juergen unannounced, she opened the door with no makeup on and her hair in rollers.

He comes to Tokyo once a year.


Raymond has an enormous appetite for adventure.

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Guy is about thirty years old.


It was like I was in a trance.


Clark has 12 siblings.

He talked about his expectations.

I was scared that you might leave me.

I had some work that needed finishing.

This is a sticky situation.


I never thought it would wind up like this.

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Gregg's teacher wished him the best of luck in whatever he chose to do after leaving school.

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Dative is the death of genitive.

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There's no giving up.

We've got to find a way out of here.

My friend ought to have arrived here by now.


I don't have a solution but I admire the problem.


Is there something you're not telling us?

The last thing I want to do is waste time.

I miss those days.

Perhaps I could come back.

That's not what you said last night.


I'm so glad you like it.

That won't make them happy.

I want this handled quickly and quietly.

I don't know why they are fighting.

Do it for yourself; not for someone else.

He gave a good shine to my shoes.

I'll give you a fair price.

Well, you got a point there.

That is a very good idea.


The effect of the medicine was amazing.

They are all very hungry.

Were you optimistic?

I thought Alejandro would lose his temper.

There's one question I would like to ask you.


My neighbor is nice.

Did Marika dress like a Japanese woman?

He abandoned himself to grief.

I think you're in my seat.

I don't know what you really want.